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by Ben Century

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You just don't understand How painful it can be You just don't understand The things you cannot see You never seemed to care Or seemed to wonder why You never seemed to care The reasons why we live or die So now you laid In the bed you made You went astray But you should have stayed You just don't comprehend Why you need to change You just don't comprehend Why you act so strange Sometimes you act so crazy When you sit and cry Those times when you just do it I cannot help but wonder why You're always so demanding You always want it your way You'll never understand Why nobody wants to stay Get ready for lots of heartache Get ready to not know why If you don't want some happiness Then you'll just get a quick goodbye
You've thrown me, thrown me to the wolves You're lying on the road that you chose Your stupid fucking friends go clubbing every night You think it's lots of fun You think that it's alright You're laughing when you're high You're spilling all your drink You're always try to be What everyone should think Your sister is rich Your other one is poor You think they've got it made and I don't wannna hear no more Your sister is a bitch Your other one is a whore You think they've got it right and I don't wannna hear no more (don't wanna hear it) You can't sleep, you can't sleep at night Your parents, they scream and they fight They tell you how its done But hate each others guts But I'm the one who's dumb Yeah I'm the one who's nuts Your family goes to church You always tag along Then you have the nerve To tell me that I'm wrong You've thrown me, thrown me to the wolves You're crying on the road that you chose You really want to think That I'm no good for you You really want to try To find somebody new The grass just wasn't greener On the other side And all your hopes and dreams Have curled right up and died
It seemed so unlikely just to happen by chance You found me through channels by a distant glance The silent mind can be so obscene So limited in years, but you felt it was right To cause me to drown in you oceanic sight Expressive hands can paint a lovely scene It's a crazy feeling just to think about you I want to wander through your golden blue The shivering hills show up when I touch Your suffering skin doesn't show that much I've stolen time that I just want to spend I've seen you below, and I put you above I had to show you the greatest ways to love Who knew I'd find you so lovely in the end Your golden voice makes the owls cry and weep The moving rhymes go through my ears so deep It makes me heal and it soothes all the pain The flavor of red and the flavor of white Will bring us joy for the rest of the night Making love to the sound of the rain
Broken Roads 04:13
Sometimes some things just never work out Sometimes you wonder what it's all about Sometimes all those memories of old Come back and leave you cold It's funny how the memory corrodes Back down around the broken roads Oh Lord why did you treat me so bad Oh Lord why did you make me so mad Oh Lord why couldn't you see That you weren't there for me Too bad I felt nothing for you Too bad you couldn't ever be true Too bad I couldn't take anymore Of that emotional war Right now I'm gonna leave it behind Right now it starts to fade from my mind Right now I'm gonna put this away My new path starts today
So Selfish 02:19
You'll do what makes you happy I'll do what makes me sad You'll make all your friends happy You've gone and made me sad You'll tend to others' feelings You never think of mine You'll tend to your own feelings Because you've ignored mine You're so selfish You always get what you like Nothing good for me You'll go enjoy what you like There's fuck all just for me
Lonely lonely lonely that's how it's gonna be until you heard me say it and you came to me Lonely lonely lonely that's not what you will be I just want you here To comfort me You know it may be right I know it may be wrong It could just be short and then we say so long We're just stuck together For a holiday You'll enjoy the company And here I will stay Just two broken souls Together for a while You can keep me here with you I can make you smile we're just two broken souls with no place else to go All we got's each other And that's all we know You can make the dinner I can make you smile You can share you wine with me And keep me for a while Make me feel so happy Make you feel so great I'll watch you fall asleep If we stay up late Cover up the bitter With everything that's sweet Everything about this has all been such a treat We're no longer lonely Invited me to stay We're no longer lonely And I won't go away
Night in the snow filled city The lights shine down and make it look pretty I feel lonely and cold Wanting you here to touch and to hold The distance between us not far But I can't help but wonder how you are I have myself to blame But I have to wonder, do you feel the same Why can't you realize I can't just fantasize Should I apologize are you hearing my cries I want you to hold me The night is too lonely I don't understand, why you can't be here My silent obsession My secret confession I just want it all to become clear I see you, you try to keep warm While walking through the winter storm The fire and the warmth of it's heat Will warm you up, after we meet Your perfume sweetens the air Everytime I stroke your long hair The vision I have is so clear But it's clouded over by all my fear Time is wasting away I couldn't get out what I wanted to say Wanting to reach out to you Wishing that my thoughts were all true Now I must close up the night Tomorrow I hope to make it alright So goodnight, and sleep well my dear I hope this distance will disappear
Unwanted 03:24
A darkened place Where you now lay How you got there You cannot say Your mind is full Your skin is bare Your face is wet But you don't care You've broken down You cry in bed Too many thought Go through your head You cover up Your naked heart You hate when it Gets ripped apart The gift you bought Shall be returned You feel the pain Of being burned It's not your fault You tried your best You got used up It's time to rest
You Can't 03:26
I said no You can't have that I said no, no no no You can't have that Oh no You don't want that Oh no You don't want that And it hurts Oh no You can't change that No no no You can't change that And you lied Yes you did And you lie, lie lie lie lied lied lied lied And it hurts


After Ben's disappointing experience in his last band, he set out to make an album all on his own. It took ten years and spanned across his ever-changing musical tastes. The result was eleven tracks of some of Ben's best songwriting combined with his previous experience at the mixing board, giving you a product of quality for his first solo release.


released September 18, 2014

Ben Century - Everything
Roy Stokes - Electric guitar on (Then She Said) Goodbye
Victoria Maendel - Vocals on Silent Obsession


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Ben Century Manitoba

aka. Ben Strewens

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